Walking in Welsh (and English!)

Stinky Boots

(Originally uploaded to flickr by Janet Ramsden)

This weekend its the start of the annual Gower Walking Festival, great to see how this event has grown over the years and it has a cool website for the event too!

One of the walks is a bilingual one, and there are still spaces left according to the website.  It starts in Southgate and takes in the spectacular Three Cliffs Bay. For people learning the language like me (I have to learn it now since both my kids are fluent!), this is a great opportunity to practice our proud language. It’s also a chance for visitors to experience our language too.

Interestingly, Gower has its only dialect but I’m not sure how much that’s spoken today. Be great to see more bilingual walks in Wales and in future, who knows, even a Gower dialect one!