It’s only the good on here, not the bad and the ugly…

We’ve been busy lately playing around with maps and thought we could do something that’s useful for you, our guests. It would be rude not to! So, we’ve just launched a new map on the Milkwood House website that is very simple, it allows us to ‘pin’ the places that we want you to visit in Swansea and beyond. After all, we wouldn’t send you anywhere where we haven’t been ourselves, and would only dream of sending you where the quality of these businesses matches that of Milkwood itself. That way, we know you’ll have a good time.

Here’s the map below. It’s called our ‘Eat and Do Swansea’ map. Early days yet but we will be adding to it and let us know too if you know of any places that have excelled. In fact, post a few places on the Milkwood House Facebook page if poss. It’s only the good on here, not the bad and the ugly. Thanks guys. Enjoy.

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the Grape and Olive: 51.614046, -3.943276
National Waterfront Museum: 51.616791, -3.938942
Pen Y Cae Inn: 51.810105, -3.677787
Dan Yr Ogof Showcaves: 51.831293, -3.684781
The Sleeping Giant Mountain Walk: 51.801933, -3.706367
Swansea Beach: 51.612527, -3.948298
Swansea Marina: 51.616857, -3.934007
Surfing: 51.566878, -4.033576
Hansons @ the Chelsea Restaurant: 51.619725, -3.941211