An Idiot at Home Day 5: A new pair of slippers

Sunset over Swansea Bay by TruPlaces
Sunset over Swansea Bay, a photo by TruPlaces on Flickr.

There was always going to be one day. One day that meant we were going to be dragged around the dreaded shops. This was it.

After an extended period of listening to the sea from my pillow, some TV watching, kids buzzing around your feet with remote control cars (you know the sort of mornings!), it was lunchtime. Thought we’d try the Grape & Olive at the top of Meridian Tower as it’s just across the road from Milkwood and we haven’t been there since Brains Brewery took over it. It’s extremely popular, it should be, the views alone from the highest building in Wales are worth paying for. Not today though, its graduation week in Swansea and places like this are full so a bit disappointed, we dared to head for a Chinese buffet in the Marina, and surprisingly it was pretty good. Needed as much energy as I could to tackle the inevitable sortie to M&S that awaited me.

Hadn’t been in to the town centre in Swansea ashamedly for about 5 years. It’s an average place but has all the usual names, a few indies and to be honest, quite a good buzz about it today. You can get everything you need which for us today meant replenishing some crockery and utensils for Milkwood so it was worth doing. M&S, I have a serious problem with though. As a young child I remember what was surely my first ever encounter of stress, over heating and being frightened to death at the sheer abundance of the Blue Rinse Brigade.  They were everywhere, and its lived with me ever since. I nearly fainted in there yesterday. My thoughtful wife though, as a reward for my effort, bought me a new pair of slippers. Delighted. I didn’t even know that you could buy slippers in the middle of Summer, I thought they were only available at Christmas.

Next stop Gower. Couple of stops in some surf shops on the way and we were soon in Langland Bay, and specifically the Langland Bay Brasserie (I apologise now for the appalling sound effects when you visit their website. It’s meant to be the sea I think, but it does sound like a toilet flushing!) . What a great place for coffee right on the beach, very impressive. These days you can walk all the way round the Gower Coast and one of the most popular sections is the 15 minute walk between Langland and Caswell Bay and it starts conveniently just outside the Brasserie. Stunning, reminds me of Pembrokeshire but without the extremity. This is ‘walking for softies’, great for families and again a must-do thing during a holiday in the area. Loved it. The view of both bays either side of this walk is worth it in itself.

The evening was rounded off nicely with a gentle cycle ride along the prom to Swansea Pier to hopefully catch the Swansea-Cork Ferry leaving, but we didn’t. Someone had to fiddle with his breaks and tyres before heading off, but in my defence, the bike hadn’t had some air for a long time. Being a bit later than expected though allowed us to watch the impressive lock gates in action at the entrance to Swansea Marina, and to catch the sun going down behind the Tower, where we should have eaten some 8 hours earlier. Nevermind, I have a new pair of slippers.

We’re staying at Milkwood House a five star luxury apartment overlooking Swansea Bay in Wales.

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