An Idiot at Home Day 3


Another wet wet day on holiday in Wales, but lovely waking up to the sound of the sea. Can he quite used to this, the boys want to move here!

Mother and father in law joined us today, brought our bikes down so we can peddle along the prom outside Milkwood. In one direction, the Celtic Trail takes us to Pembrokeshire (and the Irish ferry); the other direction to the Severn Bridge (and England). Maybe Mumbles is far enough for us, but maybe tomorrow.

So, the rain made our minds up. It was Harry Potter day at Vue Cinemas in Swansea. Now, I sleep everytime I watch a film, but these seats were like beds and I can’t blame the long walk, it took us 5 minutes from Milkwood through the Marina during a break in the cloud, so it was hardly tiring! I did see most of the film though, including the bit filmed in Freshwater in Pembrokeshire. We could pop down there if we fancy it, I understand there’s a Dooby cache there to find which has been planted to celebrate the launch of the new film. Dobby is buried there of course, well, put it this way, his geo-cache is anyway.

After the film, just across the road next to the LC2, my much anticipated visit to the National Waterfront Museum. Now this place was superb, a must day out in Wales. Loads of meaningful interactive things for the boys (see pic above) and loads for Mum and Dad to reflect on too. Absolutely loved it, it’s an incredible building with an incredible story to tell. It’s all based around Wales and it’s journey as a nation from the worlds first industrialised country in the world to the current day.

TFI Friday’s across the road in Wind Street for some refreshments (less said about that the better, but ideal for the kids!) and then a nice stroll through SA1 over the 2 bridges, and along the coastal path back to Milkwood. Took in Swansea Pier too, a great vantage point to view the whole of the bay to Mumbles, stunning. Disappointing though, a lot of litter all along the pier.

Kids invented a great game on the way home called ‘plant some driftwood in the sand and wait ages for the tide to come in to knock them down, whilst annoying Daddy who wants to get home to open his chilled bottle of wine’. It’s a fine game, tad time consuming though (again, one for the kids!).

We’re staying at Milkwood House a five star luxury apartment overlooking Swansea Bay in Wales.

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