An idiot at home Day 2


First proper day had arrived. Weather wet. Mood surprisingly upbeat. Realised that Milkwood should have a funky coffee machine (yep, and that is for my benefit, well for this week anyway!). Nice to have in front of us what my brother calls a ‘no deadline day’, the thought that I could have 7 of them on a row immediately made me a better person……then the kids got up!

Waves were crashing in, it had been a pretty rough night, but I slept like someone who needed a holiday. Wasn’t really sure what we were going to do so asked twitter. ‘Jump in the sea in Gower, it’s warmer when it rains’, said one; ‘Dan Yr Ogof Caves in the Swansea Valley provides good shelter’ said another (thanks, but that really is taking the Mick, I worked there for years- great place though!); ‘visit Swansea and pop into the travel agent’ said a third (ha, bloody, ha!). So, the committee met (Michelle and the boys) and I was told we were going to the LC2, Swansea’s amazing leisure centre and waterpark. Off we went.

Been to the LC2 loads of times, the thing that strikes me is that it doesn’t feel like a local authority run attraction, there’s no shackles on this place. Very modern, welcoming environment, incredibly well planned layout, great coffee and friendly staff. Family ticket for the waterpark, a bargain at £18, and an extra £3.50 to use the surf machine, the first of it’s kind in the UK. The kids absolutely loved this, but the problem is they want to go back, every day if it was up to them!

It was great for me too, I coincidentally bumped into Flexi, one of my best friends from school, (it always happens on holidays doesn’t it!) and I hadn’t seen him for… must have been at least………hours! Yep, that’s holidaying at home for you.

Rest of the day was spent sleeping back at Milkwood, (the LC2 killed me, I so need to get fit!) and then a highly charged adrenaline filled game on the beach outside. Dodge the wave. The kids were hysterical, I’ve never seen the coastline get a battering like this in July before, they were wetting themselves (in more ways than 1!). We also found what looked like a baby shark on the beach and even a message in a bottle too. Despite all the laughs we had had today, the thought that someone may have been stranded on a remote sun drenched desert island in the Tropics wanting to swop places with us was quite tempting and very ironic. Maybe I’ll get back on twitter, ‘where was that travel agent in Swansea again?’. (Only kidding, wouldn’t have changed yesterday for the world.)

We’re staying at Milkwood House a five star luxury apartment overlooking Swansea Bay in Wales.

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